Farm School

Playgroup & CSA Work/Pickup

Mondays 10:30-12

Thursdays 12-3 or 5-6

Sundays 12-4


This spring and summer, as we embark upon CSA season, we are hosting several Pick up & Play sessions! Please check Facebook for the latest information on our playgroups!


Playing in the yard, fields or woods, making mud pies, feeding chickens, romping with the goats or racing around the challenge course are just some of the fun things we might get up to. Little ones will enjoy a small tree fort and slide. Stay and play with your child, spend time outdoors and get your "grown-up time" all in one afternoon. ***CSA members, work in the garden and earn $$ off of your weekly CSA dues! Or simply come to pick up your delicious goodies for the week. Farm-fresh, yummy goodness. Hope to see you here at the farm!


Donations for the improvement of our farm site and programs are accepted, however playgroup is and will always be free!!!


Homesteaders Summer Camp - the GOAT edition!!!


June 11 - 16

Ages 6 - 12

Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 12:00


Summertime is funtime! Here’s what we’ve got planned... After getting out some ‘arriving on the farm’ sillies, we’ll start out the day with down and dirty, good ol’ fashioned chore time - egg collecting, feeding goats, bringing hay to the horse and the bunny, and most importantly, Milking The Goats!!! There may also be a few garden tasks to lend a hand to. Taking our inspiration from the sweetest little creatures on the farm (the Goats!) we will make some awesome art projects - wetfelting, needlefelting, sculpting and drawing our way to creating our very own 3D goat farm scene. We will also spend a day experimenting with what you can make with goats milk - sure we’ve made butter, soap, cheese, yogurt, kefir....but it’s summer, how about some ice cream!?


IMPORTANT: Wear farm appropriate boots/shoes (no sandals) and a hat.

Bring a water bottle and sunblock and please pack a hearty snack.

Jr. Homesteaders Summer Camp - Goat Kids!


July 23 - 27

Ages 2 - 5; Drop off or Parent/Child Optional

Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 12:00



Small hands make light work! Even the smallest of homesteaders can take on a giant task! This week we will be showing our little ones how to be a big help on the farm. We will be waking up the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the bunny and taking extra special care of some new arrivals - mid July we are expecting baby goats! Tiny goat ‘kids’ need lots of attention; we will be bottlefeeding and cuddling these cuties. We plan to bookend our day with stories, large amounts of free play and when the inspiration leads us, to explore creating farm art with wax, wool and clay.


IMPORTANT: Wear farm appropriate boots/shoes (no sandals) and a hat.

Bring a water bottle and sunblock and please pack a hearty snack.

About the Farm School...

The Meadowlark Farm School provides children Waldorf-inspired educational programs on an historic, working sheep and goat farm in rural Fluvanna County.


Meadowlark Farm School's philosophy:


  • We believe in the preservation of childhood
  • We educate not only the intellectual capabilities, but also fully engage the body and soul
  • We see the great value in capturing the imagination through storytelling and artistic creation
  • We feel that 'farm and kid' were meant for each other :)



A note about children with learning differences...

All children are welcome to attend the Farm School. I believe, as many do, that the Waldorf Curriculum is a healing education. The intentional emphasis that Waldorf places on movement and sensory experiences closely aligns with methods now commonly found in OT centers across the country. I have become intimately familiar with these challenges over the past few years, and as a teacher, I witnessed the number of students with learning differences increasing. I have studied and consulted with my mentors (one of whom is an Extra Lesson educator) to improve my lessons to meet the needs of students with special needs. It is my goal to create a school that can engage the child fully and build a solid foundation for a life rich in purpose and meaning.