Farm School

Free! Monday Morning Playgroup

Geology, Geometry & History

Homesteading Skills & Trades

Musikgarten for Babies & Toddlers


Fall Session starts September 11th


The Meadowlark Farm School provides children Waldorf-inspired educational programs on an historic, working sheep and goat farm in rural Fluvanna County.


Meadowlark Farm School's philosophy:


  • We believe in the preservation of childhood
  • We educate not only the intellectual capabilities, but also fully engage the body and soul
  • We see the great value in capturing the imagination through storytelling and artistic creation
  • We feel that 'farm and kid' were meant for each other :)



A note about children with learning differences...

All children are welcome to attend the Farm School. I believe, as many do, that the Waldorf Curriculum is a healing education. The intentional emphasis that Waldorf places on movement and sensory experiences closely aligns with methods now commonly found in OT centers across the country. I have become intimately familiar with these challenges over the past few years, and as a teacher, I witnessed the number of students with learning differences increasing. I have studied and consulted with my mentors (one of whom is an Extra Lesson educator) to improve my lessons to meet the needs of students with special needs. It is my goal to create a school that can engage the child fully and build a solid foundation for a life rich in purpose and meaning.