Grass Fed and Grass Finished


Our farmstead is mainly devoted to the raising of a robust and healthy flock of sheep.  The white and sometimes black spotted or brown creatures that dot our valley are a cross of Katahdin/St. Croix, with some Dorper as well.  We believe in feeding the sheep the way nature intended, thus their primary source of food is the lush grass that covers the 40 acres of pasture at our farm.  Occasionally we may supplement their diet with small amounts of grain, mainly for the purpose of keeping them interested in following our lead.  We also utilize rotational grazing to ensure the animals are eating fresh grass and allowing ample recovery time for the health of our land.   

Katahdin Hair Sheep


Katahdin hair sheep are a breed developed by Michael Piel of Maine, near Mount Katahdin, after which they are named.  He wanted to breed for a flock that would not need to be sheared, but would gain thickness in the winter and shed in the spring.  He also was breeding for greater parasite resistance.  The result is a very hardy and lovely animal.  The Katahdins are known to be good mothers, as we have seen firsthand.  They birth and care for their young in the pasture with little assistance needed.  Our lambs are not considered ready for slaughter until they reach the age of maturity, at approximately 10 to 12 months.  The result is 30-50 pounds of meat that is very tender and mild in flavor.  Preparing lamb is easier than you might think!  Grilling and open fire cooking are excellent options as is oven roasting.  We like to add ground lamb to our chili and the cuts are so juicy and tender in a stew!



The Ordering Process


We sell our lamb by the whole or half animal, based on a price per pound of the hanging weight. A typical hanging weight ranges from 40 to 50 pounds. You then receive approximately 65-70% of the hanging weight in packaged meat cuts. Our price per pound is $8 for a half lamb or $7 per pound for a whole animal.  You may reserve your meat with an $85 deposit to cover processing fees. The remaining total due - your individual price per pound, is due upon pickup. We will let you know when your lamb is ready for processing and arrange for pickup at our farm in Fluvanna.


Please complete an Order Form and mail it with a deposit check to us.


All our processing is done at a USDA Inspected facility in Lynchburg, VA.  Please visit their site for more information: 7 Hills Food.


There may be individual cuts available for purchase at the farm on a varying basis.  Call ahead to determine availability and pricing and to arrange pickup - our farm is our home as well.




Individual Cut Lamb Prices


Ground and Stew Cubes - 8

Shanks - 10

Riblets - 10

Shoulder Roasts/Chops - 12

Leg Roasts & Steaks - 14

Loin Roasts & Chops - 16

Rib Chops or Rack of Lamb - 16


All Prices listed are per pound