Meadowlark Farm School CSA


Our Philosophy

We believe that it is imperative that we reclaim our relationship with the food we eat and regain the knowledge of how to grow it.  Food should be simple; it should be healthy. Sure you might find a few bugs or some dirt on a root - but we believe this is a good sign, for it means the food you’re eating was not produced, it is grown. It was loved.


Our Mission & Vision:

At its core, it's refreshingly simple: grow healthy food that is accessible to local families. A farm should be a place to gather, to teach what food is; how it grows, how it gets to our table and how absolutely beautiful it is! We would like to see our model of CSA truly embodying the community element. Thus, we encourage ‘work for shares’ to offset your cost of the weekly harvest.  We will offer opportunities both to work as a group and to celebrate success as a group.


Our Methods

We follow a biodynamic approach to our gardening preparation, planting schedule and harvesting cycle. We only plant seeds that are NOT engineered, that ARE heirloom, and that ARE designed to be grown organically; seeds that have stood the test of time. Why? Because we strive to grow our produce with organic principals - we don’t want to eat toxic junk either!  We hesitate to spray unless absolutely necessary (and then use only organic certified products), and we do not over fertilize. We find that our produce tastes better and we know it is better for you. As our garden matures and expands, we will add more and more habitat for beneficial species such as butterflies, bees, snakes, spiders, birds, and ladybugs. We know we can never fully replicate nature’s wisdom, but we try.


How it Works

Our goal is to produce a basket of seasonal vegetables for your family, each week.  Enough to feed you, with some left to preserve for the lean, cold months to come. So, we grow! In the Rain, Sun, Snow, Hail or Hurricane.  It's a simple goal, sure, but we also hope to share in the challenges and success of each crop, and each season. To us, that is what a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) program is all about.  We share in the ups and downs. Mother nature may be grumpy, and we may fail. Maybe we get it all just right and we feast!  


We invite you to the farm to pick up your share which will include mainly just-picked items and a few you-pick items.  A weekly share is valued at $25, or $100 per month ($125 for a 5 week month). Your sign up commitment is first and last month’s share due at registration.  As the season progresses you may pay monthly. Of course, if you’d rather pay all at once, that is fine too. If you’re interested in ‘work for share’ opportunities, just contact Bret to arrange what you’re able to do that needs done - work is ‘paid’ at a rate of $10 off per hour of work done. If several people are working as a family or if children are present, let’s work together to find a fair way to compensate you.  We so look forward to this season of dirt under your fingernails with all of you!  

Update: We have reached our capacity for "work for shares"!  We're very happy to have so much help and look forward to some fun times.  Two paid shares are still available!!!